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I believe that if companies want to buy our data, we should get paid for it.

Scenario: Two companies take a look at the knowledge of my data. One company sells that knowledge, the other company buys it. Why didn't they talk to me about it? Marketers have always bought our data for an attempt to sell us something. This doesn't really feel wrong, but when they don't get it right it certainly feels annoying. What's worse, today our data is being transferred and stored on servers all over the world. Marketers don't really want to store your data, they simply want to know when to try and sell you a thing. I am building this to put that control in your hands.

2017 Roadmap

Our direction in building the first transparent data market

We love the outpouring of support we are receiving, please continue sending your feedback via email.

Q1 2017 v0 app & market test (us)

Release of first version android app(s). These apps will help identify if there is an interest to earn money from our own data. Attempt to help inform that current data practices while opaque, are not nefarious. Help identify that Human Cooperative, and current marketers, don't actually want your data, they simply want to know if you care about their product or not.

Q2 2017 market test (marketers) v0.1 app release (limited beta)

We will begin testing with select marketers their ability to conduct more "Us" friendly business and establish how much our data is worth to them. We intend to uncover the best methods of mutually acceptable engagement - not everyone wants a pair of shoes following them around the internet for a week. We expect to release an updated app with the above learnings and better UI. The release will include Android and iOS.

Q 3 2017 full beta release of app & market

Combining all the learnings from both Us and marketers, we expect to see the first truly transparent data sales to take place. Beta will likely consist of a closed network invite system, typically if you are already a user you would be able to then invite some limited number of friends or family. The expectation to do this is to maintain a positive user experience until we know how many new coop members we can handle at a time.

Q4 2017 (pending)

Still unknown, but will be updated as we learn and know more.

Q1 2018 (pending)

Still unknown, but will be updated as we learn and know more.

Q1 2018 (pending)

Still unknown, but will be updated as we learn and know more.